The Arnold Clark development – Planning Application

Further to previous posts on this subject (in February and April), the planning application for this development is now live and you can read it on the Glasgow Council website: Glasgow City Council Planning Department.

Search using the application reference: 22/01468/FUL

The last date for comments is Tue 19 July (see “Important Dates” tab for the application).

Here is their previous sketch projected onto Google Street View, to show the location.

Artist’s impression, reduced to 7 storeys at the corner, projected onto Street View

The Arnold Clark showroom


  1. Heather Alexander

    It’s interesting that, of the various precedents for “high distinctive landmark corners” cited in the design document, only ONE has northern neighbours impacted by the light.

    That’s the YMCA building on the corner of Maxwell Road. The high corner there is in an analogous position to the proposed development at Nithsdale Drive, being at the southern side of the junction. However, the corner piece is only one storey higher than the rest of the building and is not higher than its northerly neighbours. What’s more, the neighbours would have known the daylight accessible when they bought/rented their property to the north.

  2. Frank Boyle

    This is a dreadful design. How can anyone see the merit of such a crass solution to a very important corner which acts as a gateway to Strathbungo. The design does not take full advantage of it’s location and there is no dialogue with the surrounding buildings and History of the area. Quite simply zero out of Ten. Start Again. Try Harder.

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