Bungo at the Bells

2021-22 – Cancelled

Every year the Strathbungo Society organises a small gathering at the Moray Place end of either Marywood Square, or Queen Square that we call Bungo at the Bells. It is a great occasion for residents young and old to ring in “the Bells” every year. For obvious reasons, it didn’t happen last year, and sadly, with the Omicron variant, we don’t feel able to organise it this year either.

Roll on 2022, we hope it is a better one.


  1. Stephen Lamb

    A great event to see in 2013, there was a terriffic friendly atmosphere and It was good to see the 3 pipers.
    Many thanks to those who organised, hosted, and tidied up after the event.

  2. Caroline D

    Will a similar event be happing this Hogmany?

  3. Deidre Miller

    Yep. Same drill this year, except it will be centered outside Andrew’s place. We just haven’t posted about it yet…

  4. Kim Schmulian


    Pollokshields Burgh Hall is holding a New Years Eve Party with food and drinks this year. I thought it might be good if we promoted each others events. Our party starts at 8. Tickets available from Kim at the Hall.

  5. Kevin O’Hagan

    Good evening all, just curious as to whether Bungo at the Bells was happening this year so as to bring in 2018?

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