Window Wanderland

Strathbungo Window Wanderland is a fairly unique experience – spend an evening wandering the streets of Strathbungo and experience the incredible efforts of residents and their wonderful window displays…from performances in front rooms to amazing projections onto buildings; mischievous monkeys, polka dot parties, disco balls, bubble baths, mythical creatures, intricate installations, pop up bingo halls and tattoo parlours, fantastical faraway lands and music filling the streets…. it is beautiful!

Simply create a window display in the front windows of your flat, house, business or shop. Please don’t feel intimidated! A ‘display’ could be as simple as a candle, book, fairy lights or image in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room! Simple or spectacular… it’s completely up to you.

Strathbungo Window Wanderland is organised entirely by volunteers in their spare time. You can follow the event on Facebook. In 2020 it took place on February 29th from 6pm. Covid prevented us from holding the event in 2021.

If you are attending, please do not attempt to bring a car anywhere near Strathbungo’s streets on the evening, as access will likely be severely limited by the crowds.

Strathbungo Window Wanderland was inspired by and is part of the wider Window Wanderland programme which was set up in Bristol in 2015. If you would like to run an event in your area, go to

Supported by the Strathbungo Society.


  1. Peter Kerr

    I was told, only recently, about Strathbungo Window Festival. I haven’t seen one eyet. When is the next one?

    • adownie

      It should be in February 2021, but with all that’s going on in the world, organising an event that brings thousands crammed into the streets of Strathbungo doesn’t seem quite right just now. We’ll have to wait and see.

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