The Society runs events throughout the year. There are recurring events such as Brighter Bungo and Weans in the Lanes, happening throughout the year, as well as annual events like Bungo in the Back Lanes or Spring Fling.

All of these events need YOUR help! You can participate in lots of ways, be it helping to clear litter from the lanes in Brighter Bungo, a spot of home baking for Spring Fling or setting up a stall in the Back Lanes. You’ll hear about these opportunities on the main blog page (click on Events in the “cloud” on the right to find them).

Or you can help organise the events. Committee members usually take the lead on events, but residents are more than welcome to help out an any events (without being on the committee!). If you’re interested in helping out with the organisation of any of the events, please contact us by email.