Weans playing in Lanes 2015Weans in the Lanes opens up the back lanes once a month for a couple of hours as a space for local children to play outside. Here they can get to know neighbours and spend time with friends in a place that is known to all. Past activities have included a bouncy castle, scooters, archery and lots of games of hopscotch.

Weather permitting, one or more lanes are open for the weans (and closed to traffic) on the first Sunday of each month from 10am-12noon. Details are published in advance on the blog home page (or search for “weans”), as are cancellations due to adverse weather.

On the day, look out for bunting and signs to let you know which lanes are being used. Do feel free to bring any toys, scooters, sticks, crayons etc along and enjoy the morning!

2019: All Strathbungo events are dependent on the ideas, efforts, and spare time of those who volunteer. Weans in the Lanes is currently inactive. If you would like to help resurrect this event, please get in touch.