Brighter Bungo

Brighter Bungo is the name the Society gives to our regular community clean-up days. These take place quarterly in partnership with the Clean Glasgow Campaign (whose website has since vanished).

Volunteers are given high-visibility vests, bin bags, gloves and litter pickers and encouraged to clean up litter and fly-tipped rubbish from the area’s streets and back lanes. Glasgow City Council’s Clean Glasgow campaign provides the equipment and removes the collected waste.

It’s a great hands-on way to improve the area we live in and a fantastic way to tackle the niggling issues that annoy anyone who lives in a busy, urban area.

As a result of the efforts of volunteers, Brighter Bungo was awarded a Keep Scotland Beautiful Outstanding neighbourhood achievement award in 2012.


As of autumn 2021 it is unclear if Brighter Bungo will resume post covid, as the Council have withdrawn public liability insurance for our activities. See the blogpost for details.


  1. Elizabeth Goodwin

    would you believe that the lane next to Bradfords Bakery seems to be the dump for Strathbungo We have 4 hopper bins belonging to the shops in front of the building One belongs to Bradfords and it has not been emptied since it closed in July so can you imagine whats going on inside it as it is full I phoned the council about it but so far nothing has been done .Also many people just come and dump rubbish of all sorts next to these bins.
    So the bungo clean up on Sunday must have felt it was to much for them to tackle don’t blame them as its out of hand now a resident from the East Strathbungo

    • Deidre Miller

      Unfortunately, most of the volunteers come from the west side of Pollokshaws Road, and they tend to concentrate on the laneways in the conservation area. I live across from you, and I always make it a point to clean up the laneway behind my building. I know exactly what you’re talking about; the laneway on our side of Torrisdale is equally as bad if not worse. People just dump things back there, from food packaging to whole bags of rubbish that get broken into by foxes and strewn around. It is truly disgusting. So the best solution is to come along to the next Brighter Bungo yourself and/or encourage other people in our part of the neighbourhood to come along. That way, we’ll have a solid group to tackle the area on the east side of the street and it won’t just be me feeling lonely and overwhelmed (tiny violin 🙂

      The Strathungo Society would welcome the involvement of more people from the parts of the neighbourhood that don’t correspond to the conservation area. There’s no doubt that the east side of Pollokshaws Road west of Victoria overlaps with the location of the original village, and there’s a Strathbungo school on our side of the road, too. I agree 100% that we should get more people over here involved in the cleanup and in other, more fun, Strathbungo Society events, too.

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