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As well as Back Lanes news, there’s an update on parking restrictions, Queens Park Arena, and local news.

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You can also find the newsletter, and old ones back to the 1990s, at the BygoneBungo Newsletter Archive.

Parking Update

Cllr Ghani has passed on a communication from council officers on the enforcement of the ban on pavement parking. It clarfies the council’s current position very well.

Essentially they have divided Glasgow’s roads up into ones where they will enforce the ban, becasue there is no issue (e.g. Pollokshields Road, Titwood Road) and those where they will defer enforcement while further work is undertaken (e.g. most of Strathbungo’s Squares and Gardens).

Our interpretation is that pavement parking will remain technically illegal, but there will be no enforcement, and no further nagging warning notes, until further notice, on roads coloured green. I suspect that might be for quite a while given the scale of the task.

Note there are some exceptions. The ban will be enforced on Titwood Road, Nitshdale Street, and at some of the entrances to the Squares, where the road is wider. Check the map; purple streets will have the ban enforced, green will not.

Excerpt from council map of streets

Map showing which streets will have the ban enforced (purple).

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Bungo in the Back Lanes 2024

Bungo In the Back Lanes 2024
Sat 22 June, 1-5pm

All events take place in the back lanes between Nithsdale Rd & Vennard Gardens.
See you there!

See also our FAQ pages for further info.

Brighter Bungo is back

Bungo in the Back Lanes will be on 22nd June this year. Can you help us get ready?

Please do your bit to ensure the lanes are in good nick for the event by coming along for a half hour on Sunday 2nd June between 11 and 1. Litter pickers, bin bags and high viz vests will be available outside the former Zinfandel on Nithsdale Road. Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it could you have a look at your own stretch and spruce it up for the occasion?

Makers Market

Also, the Makers Market returns to BITBL this year in the lane between Marywood Square and Vennard Gardens, after being a great success last year. If you’re a local craftsperson and would like to sell your products on the day, please email Nicola at or DM her on Facebook at @bungosoapetc to apply.

Parking in Strathbungo

This article was first published in 2019, but we are reproducing it here as the debate on pavement parking has resurfaced due to recent changes in legislation. The Society is actively seeking opinions on how to respond to the pavement parking ban that may (or may not) be applied to Strathbungo.

The adverse effect of traffic on the comfort and safety of the residents in this area has the same root cause as in any other urban area, i.e. too many vehicles in too small a space. However, the problem is aggravated in Strathbungo in that the streets were not designed to carry through traffic or fast traffic, or to be used for parking. The older streets, Regent Park Square, Queen Square, Marywood Square and the northern half of Moray Place were built on a scale adequate for access to the houses by horse and carriage. The result is we have an area which is totally unsuitable for the unrestricted use of motor vehicles, whether belonging to residents or to anyone else.

So said the Strathbungo Society in their fact finding report in 1972. It’s a common theme in Strathbungo that the concerns of today are little different from those of yesterday, but it has been brought into focus by this week’s announcement of legislation to ban pavement parking in Scotland. What effect will this have on Strathbungo? Will we need to ask for an exemption, or is this the very thing we have been waiting for?

In 1972 the Society conducted a survey of the numbers of cars and commercial vehicles parked in Strathbungo overnight, There is nothing like hard data to base a discussion on, and so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to repeat it. This is what they, and I, found.

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Spring 2024 Newsletter is here

The latest newsletter has arrived. If it hasn’t made it through your door already, you can

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It’s a mixture of Window Wanderland, the history of Moray Park (where?), bins, Southside U3A and Bungo at the Bells.

Thanks to Kem Gammie for getting this one out. If you want to write something for the newsletter, or even better if you fancy helping edit it or laying it out, please get in touch.

You can also find the newsletter, and old ones back to the 1990s, at the BygoneBungo Newsletter Archive.

Window Wanderland is back!

We are thrilled to announce the return of Window Wanderland to the streets of Strathbungo on 24 February 2024. This beloved community event transforms the neighbourhood into an outdoor art gallery for one magical night.

Window Wanderland showcases the community’s incredible creative spirit and talent, filling the streets with families, friends, and art lovers as they wander about admiring the creative window displays. The event provides a platform for residents to express themselves, whether young or old, artistic or not, and share their creativity with their neighbours and spectators.

But the magic of Window Wanderland doesn’t happen in isolation; now is your chance to get involved! No matter your skills or experience, start brainstorming how to transform your windows into a work of art for the community to enjoy this February.

Join our Workshop!

Not sure where to start? We plan to host a collaborative creative workshop on 10 February from 2-4 pm to help spark your imagination, encouraging seasoned veterans and event newbies to share ideas and window decorating techniques.

Volunteering is a great way to meet neighbours if you’re a budding artist. Come along to The Point, Queens Drive on 10 February and lend your talents to help others create eye-catching windows. To get involved, express your interest by emailing:

Window Wanderland, Saturday 24 February, 6pm-9pm.

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