As at November 2023, the elected members of the society are:

Chairperson: Paola Rezzilli

Vice Chair: Duncan Gammie

Secretary: Rhiannon Spear

Treasurer: Stephen Good

Newsletter editor: Vacancy

The Committee is elected at the AGM. However, it is a fluid thing, and can accommodate anyone who wishes to come along and contribute. Committee members can also be co-opted at any monthly meeting.

Current or recent contributors include: Jane Carolan (former chair), Andrew Downie, Heather Alexander, Imelda Devlin, Fiona MacKinnon, Steven Good, Sarah Reid, Kevin Kane, James Spooner, Nick Kempe, Harriet Steynor, Tom Nockolds, Jeremy Millar, Graeme Walker. New members this year include Eddie Barnes, Kem Gammie, Niall Walker, Tom Stark, Zen Ghani.

To contact the Society directly, e-mail or use the contact page.