Maternity home

I believe I was born in 1949 in a maternity home in Marywood Square. Does anyone have any information as to its location?


  1. adownie

    Hi John,

    You are not the first to ask this! Take a look at our sister site that covers the history of Strathbungo, including a searchable list of former occupants at various addresses. For instance, typing “nursing” into the people search finds two in Marywood Square, and searching “Dawson” finds a third.

    Also see the previous query at

    I will email you as I may be able to help.


    • adownie

      The answer was on John’s birth certificate. 20 Marywood Square.

      So that’s the Dawsholm Nursing Home. That’s three people I know of who were born there.

      I have just been digging some more and it seems the home started out as Dawson Nursing Home (Margaret Dawson, matron) at 8 Marywood Square c 1935, then moved to 20 Marywood Square as Dawsholm Nursing Home c1939, and operated at least until 1954.

      The Post Office Directories note the change of name and address c 1939, but the birth announcements in the press were always for Dawsholm Nursing Home, even in 1935.

  2. Maggie Hunter

    I have a friend who also discovered she was born (in 1948) in a maternity home in Marywood Square. She discovered it was at number 20.

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