Society Events

The Strathbungo Society runs a series of events throughout the year including Bungo in the Back Lanes, Spring Fling and Bungo at the Bells.

Organising the events invariably takes far more effort than you might think, so the Strathbungo Society is always looking for additional people either to help out on existing events or to organise one of their own.

If you would like to help with one of the events, or if you have an idea for a community event and would like to involve the Strathbungo Society or publicise it on Bungo Blog, please do get in touch.


  1. Andrew Greg

    Glasgow Doors Open Day are organising a Digital Festival this year in a variety of media. The Society might think about contributing something. I am considering a tour or other presentation of 1 Moray Place, could do a virtual tour of Strathbungo and/or a Greek Thomson on Southside piece. But thought it best to liaise and coordinate with you.

    • Heather Alexander

      Thanks for this, Andrew, a great idea and one we’d like to be involved with. Will be in touch.

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