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Cllr Ghani has passed on a communication from council officers on the enforcement of the ban on pavement parking. It clarfies the council’s current position very well.

Essentially they have divided Glasgow’s roads up into ones where they will enforce the ban, becasue there is no issue (e.g. Pollokshields Road, Titwood Road) and those where they will defer enforcement while further work is undertaken (e.g. most of Strathbungo’s Squares and Gardens).

Our interpretation is that pavement parking will remain technically illegal, but there will be no enforcement, and no further nagging warning notes, until further notice, on roads coloured green. I suspect that might be for quite a while given the scale of the task.

Note there are some exceptions. The ban will be enforced on Titwood Road, Nitshdale Street, and at some of the entrances to the Squares, where the road is wider. Check the map; purple streets will have the ban enforced, green will not.

Excerpt from council map of streets

Map showing which streets will have the ban enforced (purple).

The full map for Glasgow can be accessed on the council’s Pavement Parking Prohibitions Assessment Update map.

We did meet with council officals recently and showed them some of the issues, and discussed various possible ideas and solutions, some of which would inevitably reduce parking spaces. However the status quo persists for now. Meanwhile, when parking on pavements, where possible please leave adequate space for pedestrians to pass! Most do, but not all.

We’ll keep you informed if anything changes.

I am writing to advise that the desktop survey referred to in last month’s pavement parking committee report update has now been completed.

This survey has identified roads where we would not consider an exemption. These roads include:
• Areas that are already controlled by parking restrictions
• Streets which meet the width requirement to allow safe passage of a fire engine when cars are parked on both sides of the street (7.5 metres).

The remaining streets will now need further assessment to ascertain whether exemption is merited.

To help you answer constituent queries, we have made an interactive map available which colour codes all roads within the city. Streets are colour coded as follows:
• Roads identified in the desktop survey that will not be considered for an exemption (Purple)
• Roads which require further assessment (Green)

This map can be found at: Pavement Parking Prohibitions Assessment Update.

Having reviewed the issuing of warning notices internally, I can confirm that we will only issue these going forward on roads which we would not consider for exemption.

Roads where a fuller assessment is required will no longer be subject to the issuing of warning notices. These additional assessments are now being programmed.

I trust this information is of assistance at this time.

Head of Roads Asset Management
Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability

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  1. EG

    What a load of rubbish. Sheer cowardice again from our elected officials kowtowing to car owners. How about those with cars (in a city! sometimes they have two!) get rid and the council get on with enforcing the pavement parking ban pronto. Put speed bumps on Titwood Road while you’re at it to stop the frequent drag racing that boy racers do. Get rid of parking on Pollokshaws Road too, convert the bus lanes into bike lanes, and bus gate the remaining road land (from the top of Shawlands to the city centre) from 6am to 10pm.

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