Brighter Bungo no more??

As many of you will know, Brighter Bungo is our quarterly clean-up by residents of the lanes in the Bungo. It has taken place for many years, organised by the Society in cooperation with Cleansing officers from Glasgow City Council. Our aim is to keep the environment in Strathbungo cleaner, brighter and enjoyable for all.

One crucial element has been that volunteers are covered by the Council’s Public Liability Insurance (PLI). Public liability insurance protects the Society against compensation claims and legal costs if volunteers are injured or property is damaged. In all our efforts over the years, we have never needed to use it, thankfully. But like all insurance, it needs to be there.

Now we have been informed that the Council will not provide this back up. We think their position is contradictory. They want volunteers to play their part to “Make Glasgow Greener”. But as an organisation that has played this role for years, our hands are now tied by the Council withdrawing the insurance that makes it possible. We are not alone, as community groups all over the city are finding that they are in the same position.

The irony is that, as community groups now needing to take out PLI policies, we would do so by applying to the Council for grants to pay the premiums! Will we all be financed to make the payments? And will that be more that the Council would pay for an overall policy?

We are in correspondence with the Council about this.


  1. Valerie Ward

    In the current financial situation this was inevitable as it was not obligatory for the council to have any financial input for private property. I think everyone realises there are has to be cutbacks across the council.
    It should be individual residents who maintain their part of the lane and maybe asking a friend to help if needed.

  2. Teresa Mooney

    Many thanks for letting us know about this Heather and yes, the Council’s position does seem to be adding to the pressure on their already stretched resources! Hope that correspondence with them bears some positive news soon. In the meantime, perhaps we all need to make a bit of an effort to keep our own immediate area litter free – at our own risk, of course!

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