Image by Roberto Cavieres

A big thank you to all the residents who ventured out on a cold, damp February night to discuss the proposals to improve the back lanes.

The people at the meeting (representing around 10% of those contacted) agreed unanimously that they wanted the Society to pursue option 2 – uplifting and resetting the existing cobbles. If you have yet to respond to the letter you received, please do so ASAP. The closing date is this Saturday, 25th February and it can be posted or delivered by hand – there’s usually someone in – to G/L, 33 Nithsdale Rd. If you are still making up your mind, our Frequently Asked Questions sheet may help you: Back Lanes Reinstatement FAQs

Once the results are in we will be reporting back to the Council and residents will then be offered the option to opt out of any proposed works.

Those at the meeting also agreed that as this option came well within the proposed budget we would ask the Council and Forkers to consider carrying extending the works to neighbouring lanes. If the Council agrees to this in principle, we will be arranging another meeting to discuss this with those residents next month.