In the event of fire – park safely

In late January a resident called 999 to report a house fire. Two fire engines were promptly dispatched, but neither arrived. They both became trapped in the narrow streets of Strathbungo, due to poorly or illegally parked cars.

Fortunately the fire burnt itself out on this occasion, with no major harm done, but it could have been much worse. And this is not the first time this has happened.

Sometimes we pay too little attention to where we leave our cars, and the consequences it has for others, be it pedestrians and young children in the street, or those trapped in a burning building.

We ask all residents to give more consideration to the needs of others when parking in Strathbungo. Parking on double yellow lines at the road and lane junctions, is a particular issue, as it restricts the turning of emergency vehicles, as well as putting other road users in danger due to poor sight lines.

The Strathbungo Society is in contact with Scottish Fire and Rescue as well as the Council to see how we can collectively keep Strathbungo safe. The issue was raised at the Pollokshields Area Partnership meeting this month, and it turns out this problem is not unique to Strathbungo; read about it in the Evening Times.

This is a topic we shall be exploring more in the coming weeks, but meanwhile would value your comments.


  1. Michael Shedden

    There’s not enough enforcement on the South Side. We need hunners of traffic wardens like they have in the West End!

  2. Euan

    We need parking wardens that actually target dangerously parked cars rather than putting all their focus into kilmarnock road ticketing. Always wardens out and about in shawlands, but still cars parked in ridiculous places. Council don’t care about the dangerous parking as long as they meet their targets and collect their fines. I can go outside now and find a junction at either side of my flat obstructed. Every day.

  3. J

    Cars just need to start being towed away. If it becomes something that actually happens, maybe people will give more consideration to how they park.

  4. adownie

    More comments, from the facebook pages:

    Hear hear!

    This has crossed my mind often living in Springhill Gardens, sometimes it’s hard enough getting a car around the corner there.

    I’ve seen this happen in my street before… parked on the double yellows and the fire engine couldn’t get round…..they had to reverse and find another route…..i can only assume nobody died this time…..but it’s horrific that sheer laziness could have such horrific consequences!

    Fire engine attempted to access Queen Square last week, no cars were illegally parked at that time, however fire engine wasn’t able to continue and had to reverse , I’d imagine if a serious incident took place then parked cars would be irrelevant

    Some of the streets were created without the fore sight of modern life unfortunately. They were perfectly serviceable at the time and no one would’ve considered that there would be at least 1 car for almost every residence.
    The only solution I can see is to reduce the number of spaces and increase the policing of it.
    That would clear up the local roads but cause havoc for the residents.
    What’s the answer? A park and ride somewhere? A multistorey car park somewhere? Underground car park?
    I don’t know, I’m glad I’m not making the decisions, it’s not going to be easy to keep all buildings and residents safe as well as keeping all residents happy.

    aye streets of strathbungo were designed when it was horse n carts

    Reinstate the 2nd footbridge across the railway from Moray Place to Darnley road and residents can park on a mostly unused stretch of Darnley road will ease congestion and give reasonable access to parked cars.

    that’s a really good idea

    They have to reinstate the first one first 😃. But maybe makes sense if you are heading west on your commute.

    Second thoughts – moving vehicles elsewhere will just encourage higher vehicle ownership to fill the gaps. Doesn’t really solve the problems.

    That stretch of road can be busy now and then that would become busy lol

    council has to rethink its policy on cars – unfortunately folk need cars now jobs arent local – they have to stop narrowing streets and more traffic wards for illegal parking – if there is a presence folk will think twice

    Ah, but then where would my driving instructor take me whilst I learn to become a part of the problem?! 😂

    it’s really not busy for parked cars, there’s a least a 100 meter stretch from the traffic lights at Sainsburys right down to where the cars start parking outside the flats, it’s got no yellow lines and it goes right past the old entrance to the bridge which would take you right over to Moray place, for those talking about public transport it would also shorten the walk from Marywood sq, Vennard Gardens etc to Sheilds West train station. Reinstating that bridge would have multiple benefits not just car related.

    Glasgow City Council would be able to pay the equal pay claim no bother, if they would send some traffic wardens round here!

    The Ambulance service has smaller vans and motorcycle appliances. Perhaps the fire service should do likewise ?
    It would not be too hard to match the vehicle to the destination.
    I could do that…………….

    I don’t really fancy relying on 2 fire fighters on motorbikes with a fire extinguisher and a supersoaker each to put my burning flat out!

    Any small vehicle can access the water mains with a hose and get started util main appliance arrives……….

    The point is that the main appliance can’t arrive because access is blocked.

    Time start giving tickets and towing cars away in the southside. The places people are leaving their cars is just stupid sometimes. Need to be penalties or it will continue to get worse.

  5. HardworkinBungoboy

    Here’s a radical thought: some of us have young families and do actually need our cars for our jobs and other activities (public transport is not always an option when you regularly work until after midnight on the other side of Glasgow.)

    Why don’t we suggest to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service that they actually consider buying some vehicles that suit the topography and street geography of the areas they serve? If they can buy massive ladder engines for tenements and high rises, how about some van-sized vehicles for the narrow streets of Strathbungo, Govanhill, Crosshill, Partick, Hillhead, Dowanhill, Hyndland…

    You are never more than 300m from a hydrant in Strathbungo, so no need to bring those massive water tenders. And if needed, I know for a fact that SFRS carry enormous long extension hoses as standard

    • adownie

      Not too radical. Something we have considered and will raise. However I believed we raised it once before some years ago and nothing happened so don’t hold your breath! Thanks.

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