Bins set alight in Thorncliffe Lane

I saw to my disgust this morning when walking my dog down Thorncliffe Lane, that many of the bins left out for collection had been set alight, melting not only the bins themselves and incinerating the contents, but also damaging a number of garages.   I’m not sure if this was the only back lane affected, but just in case this is the start of something, I’d recommend everyone taken their bins in once emptied and put out as late as possible.  One of the piles was still smoking when I walked past at about 8am, so, given the rain overnight, this must have happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


  1. Dee

    Somebody set a recycling bin belonging to one of the area businesses on fire behind my building at 5 Torrisdale a couple of weeks ago. I never saw or smelled it burning, but one day there was a wheelbase and a puddle of plastic in the laneway. I wonder if I was the same person/ people. I did report it to the city (the waste department – maybe I should have told the police).

  2. Paola

    Unfortunately this isn’t the start of something. This has been going on for a long time in the lanes behind the Squares. I have, on occasion had to phone the fire service having smelt smoke and seen neighbour’s garden gates in flames. The police and fire service know there is a problem, but I imagine it’s difficult to police. Maybe cctv in the lanes is a solution?

  3. Heather

    Subsequently the Council put leaflets through the doors of Thorncliffe residents asking us to keep bins in our own property. I agree with this and do keep mine in my garden, but actually it would not have helped much in this particular case as many bins are put out late Tuesday since the collection is often quite early (7am) on Wednesday. So in this case, lots of the bins would have been out in the lane ready for collection…

    Please – no CCTV in the lanes – there’s too much already, and these would cover the gardens along the lanes as well. (Even if I *would* like to nab the persistent dog walker who does not pick up after their dog!)

  4. geo

    leaflets issued after representations by constituent to local councillor ,councillor meikle,who is following up this matter .the events are subject of an ongoing police investigation ..remains to be seen what ,if any, action, police will take other than potentially upping frequency of patrols.leaflet seems to have made little difference as bins still backed length of the lane. maybe it would have had more impact if it had included pictures of the damage(which are available) which showed the damages to the garages involved, which was pre-meditated and deliberate.maybe a feature in next strathbungo society, with pictures of damage would be an idea.
    maybe also suggest some basic signs (like existig fly tipping signs in thorncliffe lane) could be erected on lamp standards/telephone poles advising residents of dangers of leaving bins permanently in the lanes ..area budget bid by strathbungo society perhaps??
    surely as this is not an isolated instance (it would be interesting to get aggregate statistics on reports of wilful fire raising to bins, attempted thefts and incidences of bin raking for the area) the agencies involved , rather than dealing with this on a continuing one off basis, could come up with a co-ordinated response to this issue.. perhaps this is an action that the strathbungo society, in conjunction with the 3 local councillors could facilitate.
    the issue is also one which could be raised with all potential council candidates in the hustings, as to what they would actually do about this matter, rather than aspire to, as part of each candidate’s community safety manifesto for strathbungo
    re cctv i personally have no objection but i appreciate there may be differing views on this matter

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