St Bride’s Swimming Pool Closure Plans

Glasgow City Council is planning to close St Bride’s Primary School’s pool, in the basement of the listed building. Four such pools are earmarked for closure, putting pressure on an already limited resource, especially in the Southside.

Many community groups and local schools, not just St Bride’s, use this valuable community facility to teach primary school pupils to swim and a decision on the closure is expected to be made on 7th February.
What can you do to help?

  • Write to your councillors by post or by email, asking them to help save the pool at St Bride’s.
  • Go to your local councillor’s surgeriess and let them know you want to help save the pool.
  • Join us from 12 noon on 7-2-13 outside the City Chambers before the full council votes on the budget.
  • You could also print and distribute this  flyer: swimming pool next


  1. Alicia

    Here is a list of local councillors and a draft letter to send objecting to the closing of this pool. (feel free to amend)

    Local Councillors


    February 2013

    Pool at St. Bride’s Primary School

    Dear Sirs,

    I refer to the recent announcement that the swimming pool located at St. Bride’s Primary school on Craigie Street has been earmarked for closure. It has been reported that a decision regarding the future of this pool will be made by 7 February 2013. I urge you to vote against closing this pool.

    This pool is a valuable local community resource for many reasons.

    1. It is used by over 20 local schools and community groups, not just St. Bride’s Primary;

    2. Swimming is a vital life skill;

    3. Glasgow City Council shut the only other local community swimming pool, the Govanhill Baths, in 2001 (That didn’t go over well with the local community!); and

    4. Shutting this pool prevents children from being able to benefit from any potential sporting legacy passed on from the 2012 London Olympics and the upcoming 2014 Commonwealth games.

    Show the people of Govanhill and the Southside that they are not forgotten, vote against closing down the swimming pool at St. Bride’s Primary school.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Laura Moodie

    The councillors listed above are those for the ward in which St Bride’s sits. Contact details for local councillors and other elected representatives for Strathbungo can be found here:

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