Spring 2021 Newsletter

The latest newsletter has arrived. If it hasn’t made it through your door already, you can read it now!

Electrification of the East Kilbride line, New Victoria Gardens, Active Travel, skating on thin ice, and all the news that fit to print.

You can also find it, and old newsletters back to the 1990s, at the BygoneBungo Newsletter Archive.

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  1. Alan Rorrison

    The bridge must be kept it is important for the residents of, Strathbungo to gain access to the, supermarket and other shops in the surrounding area, it is also handy when they are going for a walk during the pandemic. I use the bridge when I am walking back from, Maxwell park or, Pollok park, Bellahouston park on my way back to, Govanhill. The bridge also adds character to the area.

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