Siamese cat Queen / Marywood Square


Does anyone know who owns the Siamese cat that seems to live in the back lane between Queen and Marywood Square?  Seems to be mainly around the 30s and 40s of the streets.  Description below.

It’s been appearing at my back door fairly regularly for a few months, and having very loud, very vocal “discussions” with one of my cats.  (If anyone has heard the “discussions” you’ll know how loud they are!)

The cat seems to be out at all hours and all weathers, and I just wondered if it is in fact owned, or if it’s a stray.  I’d love to hear from the owner, or anyone who might know them.

Description: the Siamese is a fairly large, but quite skinny cat with soft brown head, vivid pale blue eyes and a very light cream front that shades to soft brown at its back, with soft brown legs and tail.  It is a bit wary of people but not really shy.



  1. Ros

    Yes, the Cat belongs to my boyfriend, has access to the house 24/7 and lives between 2 flats in the street, our flat and my partners friends flat.

    He is well looked after and is not a stray, he goes out when he pleases and returns when he pleases, he has no restrictions.

    He is wary of people for obvious reasons, please keep it that way 🙂

    Thanks Ros

    • Vanessa414

      Thanks Ros – sounds like he is a very outdoors-y cat, which explains why he turns up at odd times! Good to know he has a home to go back to when he wants.

      We should keep an eye on our respective cats as they seem to seek each other out, despite clearly not getting on! At the moment their encounters are mostly a lot of yowling (which echoes a lot in the back lane), but I’ve noticed my cat has some minor scratches recently, though it hasn’t put him off going out!



  2. Alasdair

    Hi Vanessa

    I know the owners and can confirm he is most definitely not a stray!
    He just has a love of the outdoors, often only going home to eat, then back out again.
    Hope this helps.


    • Vanessa414

      Thanks Alasdair!

  3. Ros

    Hi Vanessa as has ours, and similarily of recent, perhaps they are getting to know each other, the Siamese has been around now a good few years, I’m sure he knows all his bungo buddies 🙂
    Thanks Ros

  4. Janette

    Hiya everyone i have lost my new cat
    its all shaved no hair on body except the face due to illness its a all bald it is 1 yr old black cat
    it went missing around the strathbungo lanes
    pls if anybody notices it call 07975506455

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