With the extent of the damage to Strathbungo’s roads following the cold weather and with some new and some old problems emerging I thought to post something on what we can do about it.

I had previously left a comment on a post to suggest that each of us has a part to play in keeping Strathbungo safe and clean. The ‘Broken Windows Theory’ suggests that setting norms of social behaviour high will deter further anti-social behaviour – whether littering, vandalism or bin raking. Bad littering or bin raking if left unchecked, so the theory goes, soon leads to vandalism which leads to burglary which leads to drug taking etc etc. All of which will make Strathbungo a less desirable place to live and will push down property prices.

Well, if you have access to a computer or a phone, you have a part to play. I previously blogged about the website Fix my street which is a great way of reporting problems directly to the council. I see that many Strathbungo residents have taken to using it to report their concerns about Strathbungo’s infrastructure to the council. Cast your eye to the right and you will see I have added a feed to the problems reported by residents in Strathbungo. Click on the header and you will be taken to the ‘fix my street’ website where you can report problems in the neighbourhood.

I for one will be reporting the damn bin on Moray Place by the pedestrian railway crossing which is overflowing yet again. Judging by the empty cartons of milk all over the pavement, it seems that some people are using it to dispose of their household waste. The trip to the wheelie bin round the back is clearly a few yards too far!

If you would rather report a problem to someone in person you can call the council. Clean Glasgow say they would like to hear about: litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly posting and any illegal dumping. Just call them on 0800 027 7027 (note this is a Freephone number so you will not be charged for the call).

If you think the problem requires the police then you should know that Strathbungo is served by Pollokshields Community Policing Team. They are interested in any crime including antisocial behaviour. They have served Strathbungo well in the past so please don’t hesitate to drop them a line if you think they can do something. Certainly all crime should be reported but they can also advise you on crime prevention measures such as securing your home and garden better.

They can be contacted on 0141 532 5326 or on 0141 532 4990. You can also go see them at: Craigie Street Police Office (open 8am-10pm), 86 Craigie Street, Glasgow, G42 8NA. Remember though that if you see any criminal activity in progress or feel threatened just call 999 or 911 and they will send over some officers immediately. I have no doubt that they are a friendly bunch so please don’t hesitate to drop by to call or to chat with them. They are not exactly far and are there to help.