A plea has been received by the Society for householders along Moray Place to manage and maintain the foliage and growth on the roadside of the black fence at the railway.

You may recall that Moray Place owners also own up to 1 metre of the ground at the railway side of the road. While this helped us argue for a set-back fence (and a good outcome on the long railings debate with Network Rail), it also means that the Moray Place owners are responsible for maintaining the shrubbery, plants and trees at the roadside, rather than the Council.

As a somewhat frustrated resident told us:

I am out every week cutting back large overhanging branches as well as sweeping and maintaining, not only my area but our whole block.

Many of the residents have said that they had no idea they had to maintain/sweep the areas in front of their own house. The Council no longer sweep Moray Place.

There has been an abundance of damaged cars recently due to vans and other traffic avoiding the railway side and veering towards the residents’ cars.

It would be helpful to all if Moray Place owners would take action to ensure the far side of the road does not restrict drivers and other users of Moray Place.