Crime in Queen Square

The Society has been made aware of a recent spate of criminal acts in and around Queen Square, mostly car break-ins, but also an episode of serious fire-raising behind the tenements.

Queen Square residents report several car break-ins in the last month. These are seemingly without violence, suggesting the use of unlocking devices, although surprisingly without much being taken, and no thefts of cars themselves. Several incidents have been reported to the police. We are unsure if other streets have been affected also.

Furthermore, this week someone set fire to bins behind both Pollokshaws tenements at the entrance to Queen Square, requiring prompt action from the fire brigade to prevent a more serious incident. We are also grateful to the council for prompt action in replacing the bins.

As a result, Strathbungo resident (and former councillor) Rhiannon Spear has requested a meeting with councillor Zen Ghani and a police representative to discuss the issue. The meeting is on Saturday 1st October 2022 at 11am in the den at The Bungo, Nithsdale Road. If you have similar experiences, you are welcome to attend. This is not a Society meeting, but we hope to report any outcome.

If you have experienced similar issues in other streets, we suggest you comment here and/or inform the police. You can contact the police on 101, or on 999 if you see any criminal activity in progress. Alternatively, email our chair, and we will pass this on.

Bin fire at 1 Queen Square, Sep 2022

Good job by the fire brigade, then GCC cleaning up and replacing the bins. Thanks!

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  1. caroline kane

    I live in Moray Place. A few months ago my car was broken into. No damage to locks and alarm didnt go off. They accessed the boot through the back seat. Only things taken were a backpack, phone chargers and USB adaptors. They made a lot of mess emptying boxes and bags onto backseat. Police asked if I was sure I had locked it! Not sure how we stop this sort of thing if they can open locked cars without damage or setting off alarm.

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