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Strathbungo Society AGM 2010

The 2010 AGM will be held on Monday the 18th of October at 7.30pm in the Queens Park church hall, 180 Queens Drive.

We are ready to invest our Landfill Communities Fund Grant to develop our local park. Choose between the Queen’s Park Performance Project and new play equipment. Also on the agenda:

  • Bungo in the Back Lanes – can it continue?
  • The value of volunteering – your society needs you

For full details, see the AGM flyer (PDF).

Lights Out Night

Hello bungoites

I’m thinking of trying to organise a Lights Out Night in Queens Park. This would be of the nature whereby as many people as possible come out to hang out together in the park on an evening with the dual themes of saving on home energy and generating a more positive impression of the park.
Local cafe’s providing food, some acoustic music/spoken word, bicylce powered cinema, lantern making that type of thing. I will be talking to the South Side Transition group and local cafe owners among others to see who is interested in making this happen. I wonder what the society would think about bringing to the table? One option mooted is to go for this on the 10th October to coincide with the International Day of Doing on Carbon Reduction.
Look forward to hearing any thoughts/ideas/input from anyone. Best Wishes

Bungo Back Lanes

Hi there,
Just wanted say how sorry I am that you were treated unfairly regarding the licence for this year’s beer tent. As a resident of Marywood Square, I would like to help out in any way I can for next year. I am a retired policewoman and although the laws have changed somewhat since my day, I wondered if it would help if we set up stewarding of some sort? I would be happy to be a ‘steward’ for the day! I’m sure you’ll keep us updated by newsletter, but just want you know that you have my support. Other neighbours feel the same. It was still a wonderful day.

Sandstone repairs


We live in Marywood Square and have recently noticed some erosion to the sandstone on one of our window frames.

We are looking for any help in finding any good tradesmen in the area to give us a quote, or perhaps anyone in the area who has experienced this before and can give us any advice.

Thank you


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