Strathbungo trail

is there such a thing as a Strathbungo Trail, giving a route outlining places of interest and historical buildings? I’ve recently seen one for Pollockshields and Govan.


  1. adownie


    Apologies for not dealing with this query earlier. The short answer is no. Although there is lots of info on the history of Strathbungo at the Bygone Bungo site,

    The longer answer is that the South Glasgow Heritage and Environmental Trust ( are working on a guidebook to the whole of the Southside, and have just sent me a first draft of the Shawlands, Strathbungo and Crossmyloof Trail to proof read. I don’t know when this will be available, but I’m sure you will hear about it here, or at Bygone Bungo. Hope that helps.


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