Save Our Beautiful Plants!

What do you think the Council could do to most improve Strathbungo – planning enforcement? Better street-cleaning? Fixing broken street furniture and hard landscaping? Sorting out dog fouling?

Well, they could do all of the above but this week residents on March St were informed that what the Council thinks would really improve Strathbungo would be…removing all the lovely planters which have brightened up the front of their flats for well over a decade.

The lovingly-tended plants have been mentioned several times in the Newsletter, at meetings and just in general chit-chat as being a real highlight of the Strathbungo Summer and are a great example of what residents can do for themselves to make our environment cleaner and greener, something the new citizenship handbook states is a duty for everyone living in Britain.

I’ve already contacted our city councillors to ask if they can help us reverse this barmy decision and would love to pass on the comments of other residents who appreciate this and other attempts to create an oasis in our sandstone desert!

I’m also on the look out for pictures of the plants in full bloom as this pic does not do them justice. They look great on streetview but I can’t find any good pics in our archive, so if you have some please do post!

You can read the letter residents received here:

I had hoped to set up a petition but, under the Council’s recently changed rules on public petitions, can not do so before the deadline in the letter as it needs to be approved by a meeting of the Community Council.



  1. Dee

    Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a sandstone desert. The sandstone is rich-looking compared to the asphalt pavement! What’s wrong with the city council lately? First, they deny planning permission for our free ATM, then they start wanting to tear out gardens? What’s reason are they giving?

  2. domski

    “every needs to stick to planning regaulations” even nimbys

  3. Laura Moodie

    Um…except this is nothing to do with planning. If it was, it’d be fine, as the planters have been there for more than the 6-year enforcement period. Please take the time to understand the issues before you post.

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