Safety on the footbridge

sign saying Please llow people to cross

You may have noticed that a new sign has appeared on the ‘Bungo bridge over the railway. It asks bridge users to maintain a physical distance, allowing others to cross the bridge first if they’re already on it.

Most people already do this but there have been occasional incidents when a polite request has been met with confrontation.

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  1. Moira Harries

    I’ve been on the bridge in the past when a line of us were crossing in one direction, maintaining distance between , when a jogger just overtook us all. I was gobsmacked at the cheek and lack of consideration. Fortunately most people are considerate, It shouldn’t pose much risk for people wearing face-covering and walking normally to pass each other for the second that takes but I don’t have a problem with conforming to this request. I think it should be ok for a number of people to be on the bridge at one time when going in one direction.

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