Reclaim the Strathbungo Fountain

Yes, there was a Strathbungo Fountain. I’m sure it was Victorian, as made of metal and was substantially built. I don’t know the dimensions but would estimate (from memory) that it was approx. 10-12 ft high on a circular base of slightly larger dimensions.

It was situated on a roundabout opposite the old red telephone box nr. Sammy Dows and The New Anand Restaurant. I am sure it was still there about 20 years ago when I lived in Pollokshields. Did anyone see it being dismantled? Where did it finally end up? I have searched and searched (google uk) and cant find anything relating to it. I’m sure there must be someone, perhaps a Glasgow Council dept., who could throw some light on this. Again, a photo of it from someone would be an ideal start.



I have summarised all that has come to light and moved it to the Bygone Bungo website. You can read more about the fountain there.

Further Update:
We finally have a photo of it!

Andrew Downie

Nithsdale Road 1951 Roundabout


  1. Jimmy muirhead

    Never knew about the Fountain it would be nice to see it in working order

  2. Kyle Henderson

    It was a drinking fountain with basins and taps situated on an island at junction of Nithsdale Street / Drive. It was made of cast iron and was demolished to make way for the road improvements

  3. @OssianLore

    Very interesting post. I have put together what I know, along with a little speculation as to what model of fountain it was, in a thread on Twitter which can be viewed on the link below

    I first noticed the circle of kerb sat the centre if the roundabout a few years back when I was mapping the area for Google Maps. As a result I found the fountain marked on the old OS surveys like you have illustrated and was able to locate it on an aerial image from the late 1950s/early 1960s.

    There have already been a few helpful responses to the thread, one from John Nicolson who saw the fountain being removed in the early 1970s, a couple confirming the form of a drinking fountain with a tall lamp standard above and that it was painted (Corpy) green, also a couple of images found by @PastGlasgow dating to 1974 that confirm it had been removed by then.

    Hopefully an answer will find you!

  4. adownie


  5. Generationrxb

    Since manuscripts are subject to deterioration

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