Our local shops and coronavirus

The impact of the lockdown on local businesses around Strathbungo has been considerable, with pubs and cafes being forced to close.  Our smaller local corner shops are now, however, also facing a crisis.  Newspaper sales across the country, for example, have plummeted and it appears that people have stopped going to  local shops for other purposes and are going to the local supermarkets instead.  I was in one shop today, buying a paper, and they said their business has almost collapsed through lack of custom.  They say they have checked and they don’t think they will qualify for the UK Government’s scheme to help the self-employed and other businesses because they have not been forced to shut down.

Since  neither the UK nor the Scottish Government have shut down cornershops,  there is no reason for people not to go there.  Indeed, having witnessed what is going on in the supermarkets, as a lay person I would say that its safer to go to a corner shop than a supermarket, as they are so much less crowded.   Many people regretted the closure of Susie’s last year, so please give a thought to what other local businesses are going through right now and consider patronising them when you can.


  1. Caroline Wylie

    They should be able to claim the self employed 80% of profit in June, and also keep trading, but they need your custom now to keep the cash flowing. (Automatic for registered self employed)

    They should also be able to claim rates reductions and grants from Glasgow City Council: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/coronavirusbusinessfund

  2. Valerie Ward

    Totally agree Nick. I have had the experience of using two large supermarkets, although they had put some social distancing measures in place they were ignored by about 40% of shoppers in the unsupervised areas. Supermarkets have put controls at the entrance, limiting the amount of customers entering and marked waiting spots at the checkouts, they are basically ineffective measures if the social distancing is totally ignored by too many people in the aisles.
    I then tried local shopping, which was pleasant and less stressful. The smaller shops have more control over people entering the shop and their behaviour whilst inside.
    I was also able to purchase flour for baking after several unsuccessful attempts to buy it in the larger stores.
    I will be shopping locally from now on as the experience was definitely less stressful and it would be devastating to see our local shops close.

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