New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  Are they still abiding by them? Have you got room for another Strathbungo Resolution?

We hear many things from you all about what you would like to see us doing in Strathbungo, but in truth we can’t do everything, and we need you all to play your part.

A number of contacts recently have been about the fabric of the local area. The Strathbungo Society have organised a number of ‘Brighter Bungo’ lanes clear-ups in the last year, but we could all help ourselves a lot more in keeping the area tidier. We also need more of you helping to report the road and drain problems, and any antisocial activity you witness.

The Bungoblog calendar will prompt you as to when the bin collections are due. How about keeping bins in your gardens to reduce the spillage of rubbish in the lanes, and prevent the bin-rakers who have intermittently been targeting the area? It would also neaten the lanes and make it easier to gain access.

The Glasgow City Council website has links to report road faults, fly tipping, lighting faults, blocked drains and many other problems.

Click here for Bins and tipping
And here for Roads, drains and lighting

Police: Local police station for non-emergency enquiries 0141 4231113

Please help us to make 2011 an great year for Strathbungo.

Happy New Year!


  1. Jonathan Patrick


    I completely agree with your exhortations for us to play our part in keeping Strathbungo safe and clean. The ‘Broken Windows Theory’ suggests that setting norms of social behaviour high will deter further anti-social behaviour – whether littering, vandalism or bin raking. The theory has plenty of empirical evidence to support the assertion that a successful strategy for preventing antisocial behaviour is to fix the problems when they are small. For example, clean up rubbish every day, and the tendency is for litter not to accumulate (or for the rate of littering to be much less).

    Failure to address problems immediately leads quickly to further and more serious problems. Bad littering or bin raking if left unchecked, so the theory goes, soon leads to vandalism which leads to burglary which leads to drug taking etc etc. All of which will make Strathbungo a less desirable place to live and will push down property prices.

    How about drafting a simple Strathbungo manifesto or list of values to which we can all subscribe. Number one being: Litter will not go uncollected in my neighbourhood! Or: Bins will not be kept in the lanes. It will only take a few committed people to lead by example and to gently support neighbours to make it work.


  2. Dee Miller

    Well, okay. You’ve convinced me to clean the little out of the front garden yet again. But could people please stop putting it there? I mean, whoever drinks their freaking redbull with crisps and then throws the can and the bag into my garden several times a week, STOP.

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