Gordon’s Land

Can anyone help ? while searching my wifes family history we found that her ancesters once lived & worked on gordons land Strathbungo in 1876 hasanyone any idea the location and what type of work they maybe they had?any infowould be appreciated


  1. Sara-Jane Moffat

    Hi I have the same question about my ancestors. Did you find out the answer?

    • adownie

      Have a look at sister site Bygone Bungo, e.g. https://bygone.bungoblog.com/wp/early-strathbungo-village/
      The “lands” were typically the old two storey houses/workplaces at the centre of old Strathbungo village, though I can’t advise specifically about Gordon’s Land. Workers were often coal miners or weavers, though depends on the period. The lands were being replaced by the current tenements by the 1880s.

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