Fix My Street

I came across Fix My Street a couple of months ago and love it. The site invites residents to report problems on their street and neighbourhood to the council. I thought it might be an easy way of reporting issues in Strathbungo without the effort of calling – and being put in an endless queue (“All our operators are busy right now, but your call is important to us…..”!).

Admittedly Glasgow City Council is probably overrun with requests and complaints right now, but in future it would be a good way to contact the council about problems in Strathbungo for which they are responsible. Do let us know how you get on.


  1. Dee Miller

    Well, the freeze-thaw will doubtlessly make the potholes worse, but at least the snow is temporarily filling them in!

  2. Laura Moodie

    I love how the snow has covered all the litter that’s usually to be seen on our street. Although, helpfully, someone’s dropped a fresh pile of cheese and chips on the corner to make sure we’re not missing out!

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