Car Torched in Strathbungo

On Monday 22nd at around 9pm a car was abandoned and torched beside the pedestrian railway bridge at the corner of Moray Place and Regent Park Square. A fire engine quickly put out the blaze and the police were on the scene in minutes. No one was reported to be hurt in the incident and it is unclear whether other vehicles were damaged either from the fire or as a result of the car driving the wrong way along Regent Park Square.

There is no suggestion that this was the work of someone living locally or someone who is known locally but the police were taking statements from residents. If anyone else has any information about the driver of the car or any passengers please do contact the police.

Zero tolerance for street crime in Strathbungo

Update – Seems that someone tried to rob a G4S security van on Victoria Road yesterday at around the same time. I suspect that this was the getaway car which they trashed to destroy any evidence.

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  1. Laura Moodie

    Compare and contrast with the previous post featuring a peaceful, empty Regent Park Square taken from that very pedestrian bridge this afternoon!

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