If you plan to sell food of any kind, hot or cold, at Bungo in the Back Lanes, you need to make sure that you are following the appropriate food safety regulations and guidelines.

Businesses selling food should already be familiar with these – please provide us with sight of your Pass certificate (contact bitbl@strathbungo.co.uk).

Residents selling home-made produce (e.g. curries, cakes or biscuits) also need to be aware of basic hygiene and food safety.

The most important rules are:

  • you must advise people of possible allergens in your food, perhaps with a sign or chalkboard on your stall
  • you must have suitable facilities for hand washing and for washing equipment between uses (for residents, these can be in your house)
  • you should have a sanitiser spray available for disinfecting your food surfaces; hand sanitisers are also a good idea
  • where appropriate, you need to be able to store food at low temperature (e.g. if you are cooking pizzas using fresh toppings) – cool boxes are allowed but you must ensure they are kept cold enough
  • for hot food, you must cook or reheat food at the correct temperature

To find out more about what is needed, please refer to the following documents provided by Glasgow City Council:

  • New Food Business Pack – although written for food businesses, the principles remain sound for residents selling home-made food
  • Allergen chart – you can update this to let people know what is in your produce, then print and display it on your stall
  • Cross-contamination rules – much of this relates to premises but do read the Temperature Control section as it will be relevant to many of the Back Lanes food stalls (page 8)

We notify the Environmental Health team at the Council of the event so it is possible that they will inspect food stalls at some point during the afternoon.