We now have the Bungo Blog survey results in which we have posted in the section on the Strathbungo Society above. There was a reasonable response to the survey (28 people) and there were some good ideas emerging which we have attempted to incorporate into the refreshed Bungo Blog. In short people wanted to see the blog updated much more often than it currently is and people wanted it to be much more user friendly (which we have tried to do).

There were good ideas for new sections (book and running clubs, forum), an events calendar and feeds from other sites (South Side Happenings, weather, flickr) all of which we have included.

There were no shortage of good ideas for the blog most of which were eminently doable. To be honest the main constraint is the shortage of people to write for the blog and to keep it alive. So please do keep sending us your ideas but most of all please do volunteer to write for the blog as well as post stuff yourself regularly.

Many thanks to those who responded.