Calling all Strathbungo Residents – Your Society Needs You!

The AGM of the Strathbungo Society is set for Tuesday 8th November. The event is again in Queens Park Church of Scotland over on Queens Drive, and will begin at 7.30pm. Doors will be open from 7pm, with tea and coffee available.

The principal business of the evening will be the Society’s report and accounts for the year. We also hope to have a discussion about making changes to traffic management in the area, when the new road bridge at the end of Moray Place is opened next year.

Next on the agenda will be the election of the new committee. Every community organisation needs to reflect the diversity of the people living in the area, and always needs a variety of different talents to make the machine work. We meet 10 times a year, in the den of The Bungo Bar on Nithsdale Road, and you can contribute as much or as little as you like, according to your interests and skills. Beyond committee work, we also need volunteers to take part in Bungo Cleanups, to help organise local events like Bungo in the Back Lanes, or even introduce new ideas for other events. Have you any time that you can give to your local community? Have you new ideas, but need some help to get them going?

Can I also remind people that we have had a vacancy for Secretary for the past year? The Secretary is one of the senior officers, and is responsible for the committee administration and minutes, as well as being a trustee.

We also need a fresh newsletter editor. The editor is responsible for bringing the content of the newsletter together, editing, and preparing copy for publication. Currently we publish four editions a year, usually in advance of other society events, like Bungo in the Back Lanes. Do you have any skills in writing, editing or design? Fancy an outlet for your skills?

As chair I’m also coming up to five years in the job, and apart from one year (thank you Sharon) I have rarely been in a position where we also have a Secretary. I think that it’s time for a change and I welcome nominations for the position of Chair as well.

The Society is only as strong as those who contribute, so it needs your support.

Please contact me for further information, or if you want to volunteer we can arrange a nomination for the AGM.

Oh, and when we get through all that there’s a glass of wine on offer. So come for that alone and meet the neighbours.