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People going through bins

In case anyone hasn’t noticed this, there are a few people who regularly come and go through the bins in the back lanes – a man and a young lad and a woman who is mostly on her own.  I’m not sure what (if anything) can be done about this – any ideas? – but thought I should flag this up and two related points – confidentiality and mess.

All my rubbish is genuine rubbish, and I shred anything with confidential or personal information, however would urge everyone to please be extra-vigilant in making sure that no personal details make it into your bin.

In relation to mess, apart from any big items my rubbish is bagged before being binned however when the “pickers” come and sift through the bin contents they of course open the bags which creates a really unpleasant mess.  I try to tidy up a bit around my bin when I see the mess, but it does feel like a losing battle …


I was burgled today – someone took my bike from my back garden. I have reported this to the police and it is the second such incident in a couple of days. Some people are seeing us as an easy target – I have been here 4 years with no trouble but something has changed. looking back over the recent blog comments people have noticed bin raiders more and more – are they now trying their luck a bit more? Please repeat anything you see to the police – this is the only way that they will take any notice. Please keep an eye out.

Road rage

I was walking my son in his pram for his afternoon nap and saw an ambulance (not in a hurry) coming down the street, side swiping a car, then getting jammed against it, reversing to free the ambulance from the parked car and then driving off, full in the knowledge that they had hit the car and, that I had seen them. Luckily, the driver appeared shortly after and I was able to inform her and give her the licence plate. Does anyone else see stuff like this, does anyone else think that some people tear down the street at a dangerous speed?

Helicopter activity

Hello, do other people in Strathbungo feel that the level of police helicopter activity above us is escalating at a huge rate ? Today – 21st June – there have been three visits either directly over us, or near us, with the latest one now at nearly 10 pm. Can we ask for information via the Society as to why this is happening so much as it is very intrusive ? Are they traffic or policing helicopters ? I am not sure if there are more visits at the moment because of the M74 extension and various traffic problems, plus big gigs at Hampden etc, but is really quite noticeable. Do others agree ? Rosie


is it just me calling the police when i see bin rakers, drug deals and acts of vandalism on the streets/back lanes of strathbungo?

it certainly seems so. sorry to sound harsh but i was so proud to say i lived in Strathbungo a few years ago and its certainly not the case now.

in the space of half an hour today i saw 2 sets of bin rakers and 4 asian teenagers very obviously dealing drugs. i stay in moray place and overlook the back lanes and the mess from fly-tipping, irresponsible dog walkers and bin rakers is just appaling. not so long ago, we reported a man with a knife ripping open dumped binliners in the lane – he was obviously drunk or on drugs – what would have happened if someone had innocently startled him?

what i find bizarre is that i have heard of loads of break ins yet lots of people have overgrown hedges and trees and haphazard fences that don’t protect their property, just shield the burglars, we have bungo at the bells/back lanes that is supposed to encourage community spirit yet i see dog mess on the streets of strathbungo each day and barely anyone looks you in the eye if you pass them on the streets. we all appear to have windows that look onto the back lanes/streets but strangely no-one sees these bin rakers or dodgy folk , we are all paying mortgages/rent and yet it seems we let the council away with potholes, flytipping, broken street lights- what a funny wee world strathbungo is.

i find it very hard to believe that no-one else sees what i see or feels the same way so if you do please respond. the police have told me that they are happy for us to call them. the number is 0141 423 1113. i am making the decision to call them whenever i see anything dodgy and i don’t care if that makes me seem like a nosey busybody!

Ignorant Dumpers

Strathbungo is a great place to live however there is one area that lets us down. It sickens me that people think its acceptable to dump rubbish on other peoples property or anywhere for that matter. I stay in Queen Square and went out into the lane this morning to find that rubbish had been dumped outside my house. The rubbish had been ripped open and the personal details of the dumpers was visible, credit card receipts, hotel bills and even a receipt for last years ski holiday. If people don’t care about their personal and financial security then how do we convince them to respect the Strathbungo area.



I have just been unfortunate enough to have had a fire work thrown through my window which subsequently set my bathroom on fire. After I managed to put the fire out it took 2 hours for the police to attend. I have asked them to start to patroling the lanes to try and move the youths that are hanging about on. I would urge you all to reprort any firework incidents to the police and ask for the same as the more requests for this they get them more attention they will have to give it.

4 Marywood.

Night deliveries

Thursday night at 5am an unmarked white truck parked blocking Marywood square at the Pollokshaws Road end and made noisy trolley deliveries for 20 minutes further down the road, presumably to the retirement home?. The previous week the truck was parked on Pollokshaws Road and the trollies trundled even further. The noise is sufficient to wake and keep awake, annoying when you get up just after 6am anyway. Are such commercial deliveries allowed in a residential area in the middle of the night??? Is this bothering anyone else or am I just too light a sleeper???


‘Rat-run’ gates?

Hi, just a quick query – I’d heard that the SS was coordinating input regarding the location of a possible gate in the lane between the East end of Nithsdale Road and Regent Park Square, and was looking for input on this. I’d like to say that if this is the case, my preference would go for the north end of that lane rather than the south. The reason is simple – I have lived at the top of the flat that constitutes part of the gable wall on the west side of that lane for over ten years. This gable wall is the only one that sits on the border of the lane – the others (at both ends of the lane) sit back a few metres. Whenever a vehicke travels down the lane, the vibrations travel directly up the wall, causing the cupboards to shake and the glass to chink. There is also a fracture in that gable wall which is causing water ingress to the tenement block – whether or not it was caused by that lane being used as a ‘rat-run’, this usage is certainly exacerbating the problem.
Hope this is useful – and thanks for your time.

Rubbish collections – or lack of them!


can anyone help? I live on Queen Square, and for some reason my Wheelie has not been emptied of rubbish on three occasions over the last 6 or 7 weeks. One week, they just didn’t collect any rubbish from the lane, and it all lay there for two weeks. This week they appear, wait for it, to have emptied some wheelies, randomly, down the lane! Why, I ask myself? I have tried phon ing the Cleansing Dept but no help there.

Anyone else finding the same problem? Any suggestions?
What can I do??? Advice most welcome.


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