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Doors open day – Pollokshields Heritage organised walks 16th/17th September

Pollokshields Heritage will again be offering three walking tours and two bus tours as their contribution to this year’s Doors Open Days Festival, as follows:-


On Saturday 16th September

Pollokshields Heritage Trail One: the Villas

Starting at 11am from Maxwell  Park Station

Walk duration is two hours


Saturday 16th September

Pollokshields Heritage Trail Two: the Tenements

Starting at 2pm from Maxwell Park Station

Walk duration is two hours


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September

Pollokshields Bus Tour

(Registration from 1.45pm at Maxwell Park Station)

Tours start at 2pm from Maxwell Park Station

Tour duration is two hours


Sunday 17th September

Dumbreck & Hazelwood Heritage Walk

Starting at 11.30am from the café at House for An Art Lover

Duration of walk is 60-70 minutes


All the above appear in this year’s Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival brochure on pages 37 and 39, at paragraph numbers 9, 33, 34 and 35.

Bungo feeder ride to Pedal on Parliament Sunday 23rd April

Pedal on parliament

This is first time Pedal on Parliament has had a Glasgow event.   Pedal on Parliament is campaigning for improved infrastructure for cycling,  see here for the manifesto

Some cyclists from Strathbungo have arranged to join other cyclists from Waverley Park at 11.45 at Shields Rd/Nithsdale Rd junction and then meet main feeder ride from Pollok Park to join event at Glasgow Green.  On the way we want to take photos and highlight the non-existent links between Strathbungo and the South West cycle path.   Children are welcome – we have allowed lots of time to get to Glasgow Green – and we can walk across junctions before joining the South West cycle path.     We will make arrangements on the day – depending on who turns up and what time they want to leave George Square – for cycling back (though train also possible).  Any questions please contact me

Planning Application Lebowski’s

(posted on behalf of Fiona Mackinnon and some other local residents)

Another year, another planning application for Sammy Dow…or Lebowski’s as it is planned for the future.

People living close by may have got a Neighbour Notification of the plans a month ago but this process was suspended as the wrong plans were uploaded to the Planning website meaning residents were unable to judge the proposals.

The Planning Department has re-issued the notification and the new date for final comments on the full planning permission is Friday 18 March 2016. For the Listed Building Consent plan the date was Wednesday 9 March 2016 (sorry this has been posted after the deadline).

The main proposal is to create a commercial kitchen at the rear of the extension. This means having to have a very low level kitchen venting system which has the potential to be very noisy and to create unpleasant odours from cooking burgers for neighbours. Some residents will know of the problems with the vent from The Bungo installed a few years ago. The Bungo vent is a high level one, so cooking smells are discharged above the roofline (though there is I believe still a problem with noise); these will vent into the back court gardens and near ground level!

There are also issues of overlooking and noise leakage with their desire to replaced solid glass brick light wells with new windows that will overlook homes in Nithsdale Road and Moray Place.

Please take a look at the plans online at the Glasgow City Council website – there are two applications but only one is still open

Attached is an objection written by local residents which should offer inspiration if you want to object. You can cut and paste from it or re-write as you like. Make sure that if you want to object, you put the word ‘object’ near the start of your response   69NithsdaleRdObjection2016

The Strathbungo Society will consider this at the meeting on Tuesday

Make your Mark and the Nithsdale area

In 2013 Domenico Del Priore’s (ex-owner / developer of Cookie and architect) proposed some ideas for the Nithsdale Road cul de sac which are pertinent to the Make your Mark community planning consultation.      Its not all rhubarb, have a look!   Nithsdale Road – Domenico Del Priore 2013




Make your Mark walkabout of Nithsdale Rd, Street and Drive

On Sunday afternoon a small group braved the rain showers and walked round the Nithsdale area and over to Kildrostan Street to share ideas for the Make your Mark consultation.   As we walked around we also talked about the ideas that had been suggested on the facebook page.    We have written this up for the Make your Mark Team  Charrette Walkabout proposals 160224    This is the first word, not the last and we would welcome comments and other ideas.    For any of the ideas to be progressed, there would need to be consultation with local residents and businesses and we know there will be other views but its a start.

The first of the Make your Mark public workshops start tomorrow, Housing and Community 11.30-3.30 and Facilities and Amenities 4pm-8pm both at 553 Shields Rd – both sessions are open to all on a drop-in basis


Make your Mark community consultation walkabout

There will be a walkabout with planners and architects from the Make your Mark team on Sunday afternoon, around the Nithsdale Drive, Road and Street areas to consider questions like how could the open and public spaces pictured here be improved?    We will meet outside Sammy Dow’s/Lebowski’s (time still to be confirmed but will announce here). You can add your ideas under comments or on The Strathbungo Society facebook page.

Nick Kempe's photo.

Nick Kempe's photo.
Nick Kempe's photo.

Make your Mark – Community Planning Event

Programme of workshops 25th-27th February.

MYM_Public Programme

Community Planning – the East Pollokshields and Nithsdale charrette

What is being proposed

The word charrette is French for “cart”. In the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the 19th century, it was not unusual for student architects to continue working furiously in teams at the end of the allotted term, up until a deadline, when a charrette would be wheeled among the students to pick up their scale models and other work for review while they, each working furiously to apply the finishing touches, were said to be working en charrette, in the cart. The term evolved into the current design-related usage in conjunction with working right up until a deadline and through support from the Scottish Government is now linked to intensive community planning events.

Pollokshields Community Council (PCC) have now obtained most of the funding needed to work with the community and stakeholders to produce a revised community based plan for east Pollokshields and surrounding areas. This includes part of Strathbungo, encompassing Nithsdale Rd, Street and Drive (see map). PCC are planning to hold an intensive event, the charrette, over four days at the end of February out of which a detailed set of proposals and designs will be produced.

The Strathbungo Society, which discussed this at its Committee meeting yesterday, sees this as a great opportunity to progress some proposals that have been circulating for some time, but never developed, as well as developing new ideas with residents. Past proposals have included re-design of the Nithsdale roundabout, landscaping of the Nithsdale Rd cul de sac and removal of litter bins from pavements and improving cycle lane connections.

The charrette is also important because what happens around Strathbungo affects the quality of life here. So it’s a chance to influence what goes on in East Pollokshields, which many Strathbungo residents visit regularly, if not daily – including the other side of the railway line along Moray Place! The charrette  includes the area around Eglinton toll that lies between Strathbungo and the City Centre and has plenty of potential for improvement.

Pollokshields Community Council want to work with the community and stakeholders to complete the East Pollokshields and Port Eglinton Planning Study as a masterplan document that, as Supplementary Planning Guidance to the new City Development Plan, can help guide the next two decades of development in the area. The Strathbungo Society also see this as an opportunity to embed the Strathbungo Conservation area appraisal into planning documents. Glasgow City Council have agreed to support the proposal with officer time.

The Strathbungo Society will post more information about the charrette in the New Year including how to get involved.

Further explanation and detail provided by Pollokshields Community Council

The need for the study was previously outlined in Glasgow City Council’s City Plan 2 Part 2 – Development Strategy Priorities & Proposals: The Rest of the City: Areas Requiring Targeted Planning Action 8.23 East Pollokshields/Port Eglinton Planning Study. Preparatory work proceeded with the East Pollokshields/ Port Eglinton Planning Study – Resident Survey published in August 2008. The need for the Planning Study was agreed with officers as part of the autumn 2008 Public Local Inquiry into the draft City Plan 2 hence its inclusion in the final document. However, work on the study stalled thereafter. Reference was again made to the need for the East Pollokshields and Port Eglinton planning study in the Main Issues Report (re: Map 3 – the Spatial Planning Activity Framework, Other Studies, Item 34), but there was no reference in the draft City Development Plan published in Spring 2014. The PCC raised concerns with GCC as part of the LDP consultation process requesting that the area be included in the Local Development Framework for the Southside.

However, at a meeting in December 2014 with Nicola Sturgeon MSP, a representative for Anas Sarwar MP, and the three local Councillors, GCC Planning officers confirmed that financial pressures were such they would not be able to conclude the study for at least another decade i.e. 17 years after the need for the study was first highlighted. Recognising the reality of resourcing issues for GCC DRS producing it, the PCC is therefore seeking a community led charrette as a way to drive this forward in order to tackle the multiple deprivations from which the area suffers, and improve the lives and economic outcomes for the people who live in East Pollokshields.

The PCC believe a charrette to be the best forum in which to assemble the community and stakeholders in one place and rapidly work through the issues, draft out, agree and conclude the contents, aims and outcomes of the study

The PCC wants to complete the planning study and have it adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance by GCC DRS so the study must be couched in terms of the policies outlined in the proposed City Development Plan in particular Policy CDP 1 The Placemaking Principle. The planning study will also align with the aims of all relevant Scottish Government policies and principles for development, regeneration and community empowerment so that our neighbourhood achieves its full potential to be:

· distinctive;
· safe and pleasant;
· easy to move around and beyond;
· welcoming;
· adaptable; and
· resource efficient.
· economically vibrant

East Pollokshields is a planned tenemental suburb with a population of 8,206 located on the Southside of Glasgow approximately 2km from George Square. It is the most multi-cultural area in both Glasgow and Scotland with a BME population share of 52%. This figure is far higher than those for Glasgow at 11.6% and for Scotland at 4.0%. Between 2001 and 2013 East Pollokshields’ population rose by 16% – one the highest rates of increase in Glasgow. More than a quarter of households in East Pollokshields are overcrowded, 33% of children live in poverty, 93.5% of people live within 500m of vacant or derelict land while SIMD Data Zone: S01003256 – the north of East Pollokshields – has an SIMD 2012 rank of 195 out of 6505 data zones in Scotland. Centred on Albert Drive (a Tier 3 Town Centre in Glasgow)

East Pollokshields dates from 1848 becoming a conservation area in 1973. The Victorian tenements are now aging and difficult to heat. There are rubbish and recycling issues with numerous incidences of fly tipping. Neighbouring Port Eglinton; however, is a derelict industrial zone with large tracts of brownfield land that offer significant regeneration opportunities.

The charrette is currently programmed for the week commencing 21st February 2016.

Key issues the charrette will deal with:

The PCC strongly feel that the planning study is required to address several local issues including:

· Severance between East Pollokshields / Port Eglinton and Glasgow city centre
· An undersupply of Green and Amenity space within East Pollokshields
· Environmental Improvements such as upgraded public realm, reinstatement of
historic shop fronts of Albert Drive and improved maintenance of historic built
fabric as part of a potential Townscape Heritage scheme or Conservation Area
Regeneration Scheme
· Local concerns about stalled development spaces
· Contaminated land issues
· A strategy for Recreation space
· Refuse and Recycling issues + fire raising issues in tenement closes
· How to maximise the energy efficiency of aging built fabric so as to create
warm homes
· An examination of tenure and type with a focus on conditions in the private
rental sector
· Tailoring housing supply to the needs of large families
· Local health issues
· Local employment issues
· Generation of local power and CHP
· Transport Strategy including alternatives to inner city car use
· Retrofitting tenemental streets to meet Designing Streets, Homezone
standards and 20MPH zones
· The designation under the City Development Plan of sites H073 (60 Maxwell
Road with a lapsed planning consent for 261 housing units) and H081 (55
Maxwell Road with a lapsed consent for 200 units) and how these can comply
with Policy CDP 1 The Placemaking Principle and good urban design
· The setting aside under Policy CDP 11 Sustainable Transport land for an
interchange station at West Street that would link the high level lines and the
· The growing population in East Pollokshields and the needs of its unique
multicultural population – by far the most multicultural in Scotland.

Key Charrette outputs:

· Completion of the East Pollokshields and Port Eglinton Planning Study as
SPG to new City Development Plan.
· Establishment of Development Trust
· Environmental Improvements
· Promotion of alternate modes of transport
· Townscape Heritage scheme and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme
· Design proposals + codes for City Development Plan sites H073 and H081
· Cycle and pedestrian route to West Street subway station
· Specialist study on regeneration potential

Inaugural meeting Pollokshields Cycling Forum

The first meeting of the new committee of the Strathbungo Society briefly discussed this initiative, to set up a cycling forum, and have agreed to send reps – the community council is very keen to work with us on this.   A small group from the committee met last night and are going to work up some ideas for consideration in Strathbungo.   More news soon but anyone who wants to be involved do contact me.

The Invite

At the recent Cycling Celebration Day more than 350 people came along to support the opening of South-West City Way a dedicated traffic-free cycleway from Pollokshields to the City Centre. Following that event many local residents expressed interest in a community-based organisation to  encourage more Pollokshields people to cycle for leisure and exercise.

Many people expressed an interest in this idea and, in response, the Pollokshields Community Council are inviting you to help establish – Pollokshields Community Cycling Forum – an independent community group to create an environment that supports people of all ages and abilities to travel by bicycle. Based on experience elsewhere cycle friendly communities may offer cycle parking, bike hire or bike loan schemes, cycle training and a range of information on local cycle networks. It will have defined cycle routes and infrastructure linking popular locations. Local businesses should support and encourage an increased cycling culture.

The Community Council, in cooperation with SoulRiders will hold the inaugural meeting on Monday, 7th December at 7pm. Venue: SoulRiders 171 Maxwell Rd G41 (entrance in Forth St)


Short presentation on similar organisations around Glasgow

Qualifying for Cycling Scotland’s Cycle Friendly Community Award


Election of Steering Group


Please RSVP to to confirm your attendance.

(The monthly meeting of Pollokshields Community Council will be incorporated in this event)



Sammy Dow/Lebowski Planning Application update

The Council has turned down the application although the applicant still has a right of appeal

Lebowski decision





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