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Glasgow City Council has noted that objections to the Spirit Pub Group’s application for Full Planning & Listed Building Consent for Sammy Dows, will be accepted up to Thursday 6 June.  You can make an objection either online or by writing to Development & Regeneration Services, 231 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RX.

The proposals – which include a raised 2.2 m (7ft) decking area for drinking and smoking to the rear and adjacent to the private, residences and gardens of Nithsdale Road, Moray Place and Regent Park Square – are damaging to the area’s amentiy and contrary to several City Council planning policies.

It is important that neighbours use this opportunity to formally object to the proposal, not least as it could, if won, be used by other local establishments to pursue the same (ie intrusion into private, residential amenity of our back courts, gardens and homes).

FinalPlanObjections-Sammy Dows gives full details of key planning policies relevant to this application. Compotent objections must refer to key planning policies and be in your own words.

To object online, use this link here:

To see Spirit Pub Group’s proposals use this link here:



The owners of Sammy Dows (Spirit Pub Company) have lodged a Full Planning Application with Glasgow City Council for “Internal and external alterations including frontage alterations, installation of canopies and formation of rear access deck (associated with external seating area for public house)“.  The first time adjoining neighbours – only 67-57  Nithsdale Road, 1-6 Moray Place and 38-42 Regent Park Square – heard of this was on Saturday 18 May 2013, when they received a Neighbour Notification Notice. It appears that comments are required to be filed by Thursday 24 May 2013

The application, is here – with drawings and key dates etc.:

That this is the first time that near-neighbours have been made aware of an application that was first recived by the Council on 14 February 2013, validated the following month and then (quietly?) advertised on 3 May 2013,  perhaps shows the way the applicant wishes to play this: strictly by-the-book without any local pre-consultation.

Hopefully, it will be discussed this evening at the monthly meeting of the Strathbungo Society.







The Shawlands Academy Lighting Project – part of the Shawlands Town Centre Action Plan – is being showcased at the Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture+Design. Shawlands students worked with lighting designers to create a project to allow students to digitally project artworks on to the school’s facade; reinforce Shawlands Academy as a key institution in the town centre; and brighten up one of the key gateways into Shawlands.

This animated film tells you all about it:

Shawlands Academy Lighting Project was funded by Shawlands & Strathbungo Community Council.

Shawlands Academy’s new outdoor digital design studio

Tonight sees the test launch of a new digital art projection facility that uses the  front facade of Shawlands Academy as its canvass. With funding from Glasgow City Council and Shawlands & Strathbungo Community Council and the involvement of Architecture + Design Scotland and the UK’s leading lighting designers Lighting Collective , the ‘Shawlands Gate’ project includes facilities that allow digital art works and designs to be projected onto the facade of the Academy.  Funded as part of the Shawlands Town Centre Action Plan, the aim is to brighten up this major gateway to Shawlands town centre, the “Heart of Glasgow’s (Cosmopolitan) South Side”.  The project has allowed the Academy’s young people to display their digital creativity and, in the future, may allow professional artists to use this unique “canvass” as part of Glasgow’s international arts festival, GI.  

Shawlands Gate has also led to new trees being planted to the front facade of the Academy (and getting rid teacher parking), given its young people the opportunity to to learn and design Public Art and get involved in the local community via their research into the history and businesses in Skirving Street.  And, as a result of the project young people at Shawlnads Academy are giving their views on new plans to upgrade Langside Halls.  Shawlands Gate is the first of many projects whose aim is to develop Shawlands as the Heart of Glasgow’s cosmopolitan South Side.


Another Battle for Langside?

The Battle of Langside (13 May 1568) may be in line to be added to twenty eight sites that currently constitute Historic Scotland’s Inventory of  Scottish Battlefields.  Historic Scotland is consulting on eleven battlefield sites with Langside  the only one located in Glasgow.  To be successful each site must be able to demonstrate its national importance with key historical events or figures, or for its physical remains and/or archaeological potential.  Given that the battle took place in what is now Queen’s Park and that Mary Queen of Scots defeat led her to flee Scotland to the “protection” of her cousin Elizatheth I, one might think it should be able to win this battle.

Many local place names reflect Langside’s combatants – Moray Place, Regent Park Square and Queens Park, Square and Drive – and demonstrate the strong assocation with this historic event that took place 444 years ago.  Hopefully the Strathbungo Society, Community and City Councils will all work together to get the Battle of Langside duly recognised for its importance to Scottish history and thereby increase people’s understanding of the batle and its site nearby in Queen’s Park.

SHAWLANDS MELA, SAT. 17 MARCH (10am-3pm), Shawlands Academy

All the fun of a multi-cultural fair. Come and experience henna handpainting (as well as kids face painting), ethnic (and other) foods – including local coffee and bakehouse Tapa – vibes by local station Radio Awaz – and two bouncy castles!  Come and celebrate the South Side’s diversity.  Shawlands Mela (pronounced mee-la) is brought to you by Shawlands Academy PTC and is being held in Scotland’s most international school: yes, Shawlands Academy!

Entrance: £1 for adults; 50P per child.

SHAWLANDS MELA, Saturday 17 March, 10am – 3pm

Now that Spring’s almost here, do you fancy something different, something that celebrates the South Side’s cultural diversity – well Shawlands Mela is just the place for you – and yours.  Organised by Shawlands Academy PTC, this first-ever Shawlands Mela has all the fun of the fair: from henna hand-painting to bouncy castles, from Asian (and other) food stalls to live entertainment and lots else besides including local coffee and bakehouse, Tapa.  So why don’t you come along to Shawlands Academy for a fun day “in”.Entrance is £1 per adult and 50p per child, open: 10 am to 3 pm.


Things Happening Round Here, Part 3 – Shawlands Academy Car Boot Sale, Saturday 21 May 2011, 10-12 noon

As part of its fundraising programme,  Shawlands Academy Parent Teacher Association is holding its first ever Car Boot Sale.  If you fancy trying out your selling skills then contact the PTC on 07747 371 430 or log on to the Shawlands Academy website for more details 

Pre-booked tables cost £10 (£15 on the day) and you can set up from 9am.

And, it would be great to see some Young Bungo Entrepeneurs – so come on all you Young Apprentices!  

If you simply want to browse what’s on offer, grab a bargain and get a cup of tea and some home baking then head to Shawlands Academy on Saturday 21 May 2011.  Entry is £1.50 (children 50p).

Things Happening round here Part II – Vintage Fair / ‘Afternoon Twee’ @ The Shed

Fancy ‘Afternoon Twee’?  Well if free live music, browsing vintage ladies and gents clothing or jewellery, accessories and crafts is your bag, then why don’t you make you way to the Southside’s first ever Vintage Fair being held in The Shed on Sunday 29th May?  All you oldies will remember The Shed as Malborough House.

Doors open 12.30.  Should be classic.

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