The Strathbungo Society needs your support. As a voluntary organisation, we rely entirely on public generosity and odd bits of fundraising to keep going. We are always grateful to those who volunteer to help out – and indeed, to those who turn up and support our events. Even so, not everybody has the time or opportunity to play an active role. That’s why we’ve set up Friends of Strathbungo.

As a Friend of Strathbungo, you agree to pay an annual subscription – the suggested amount is £12 – just £1 a month – preferably by using the standing order mandate in the Friends of Strathbungo leaflet. Just print it, fill it in and post it off to the address included.

You may decide to pay your subscription either once (£12) or twice (£6) a year or you can pledge a higher amount, if you wish.

If you live outside Strathbungo, you will receive the Strathbungo News by email, along with news of special events or offers.

More details in the Friends of Strathbungo leaflet.