Moving to Strathbungo

If you are looking to move to Strathbungo, the first thing you will probably consider is where to live. There are a number of good estate agents selling property in Strathbungo and letting agencies who can help you find a place to rent.

A good start would be the Right Move website which will at least give you a flavour of flats and houses for sale.  If you have a particularly question about buying or renting in Strathbungo, you could ask in our Facebook group.

You will find that once you have got your stuff unpacked and the boxes dumped at the recycling place on Polmadie Road (together with all the stuff that the previous owners or tenants didn’t want – and neither do you) you will want to start to explore the area. This site will give you various pointers for stuff you will likely need. It will also give you a way into the Strathbungo community. As you will see from the BungoBlog there is a wealth of things to do here and a range of people to do it with.Welcome to Strathbungo.


  1. Norma McNaught

    June 8, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Hi – I live (and have lived) in Newlands for the past 30 years. Strathbungo was one of the first areas that my late husband and I looked at to live in when we moved to Glasgow from Aberdeen (via Edinburgh) all those years ago. We initially stayed in rented accommodation in Queen’s Drive, which was how we discovered the area. The reason we didn’t buy in the Bungo in the end was because we had 4 cats – and the main road was just too dangerous a prospect for them. However, we were very regular diners at the Greek restaurant (now Mulberry Place) – and even before, when it was still a tiny corner shop with huge tins of olives, and sagging shelves. (As you probably know, the owner’s grandson now runs the “Athena” restaurant on Sauchiehall Street, which has excellent food). Recent (albeit hugely sad) circumstances have made it possible for me to consider purchasing a flat for renting out, and because of our initial draw to Strathbungo, I would prefer to buy in Strathbungo, rather than anywhere else on the southside. I’d therefore be grateful if you might be able to let me know of any properties coming up for sale. (And/or indeed of people who might be looking to rent there). Best wishes, Norma McNaught

    • Hi, Norma, it’s great to hear more about Bungo’s recent past – I’d love to see photos of Mulberry St as a shop! Keep an eye on the blog, especially the classifieds bit, as enterprising locals do post sales and rentals there. What size of flat are you looking to invest in?

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