Bungo in the Back Lanes 2019

22nd June 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The Back Lanes of Strathbungo

First announcement for Strathbungo’s most famous event!


  1. I’m a new flat owner and new, too, to the Back Lanes. Today, Friday, I noticed activity beyond our back fence and found two lads of school age cutting grass and dandelions. They were also moving our wheelie bins. They told me they were going to set up stalls for Saturday morning. Did they know this was private property? They did, but they thought it was ok. Their parents had spoken to a man (no name) some time back and he was fine with it. I’m fine with it, too, but I do think people should ask before taking it for granted they can encroach on someone else’s land. It’s only polite for one thing. For another thing, if we three flat owners in our building had decided to put up stalls, those lads and their parents would have had to give up their project, and that would have been a shame. Ask. Please.

    • adownie

      21st June 2019 at 9:04 pm

      The Society would always expect and encourage people to ask. We even do matchmaking through Facebook. Sorry you were hassled.

  2. The kids in the area have no where to go or play. Most of them are at sincere economic disadvantages. Just because you own the flat doesn’t mean you the area. Let the kids play. They are not harming anyone. I’m sure a harmless stall like a lemonade stall shouldn’t outrage someone. Let the kids play!

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