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Weans in the Lanes this Sunday


Following last month’s no show due to high winds, Weans in the Lanes is back with a vengeance this Sunday 6th March from 10am-12pm. As before, look out for bunting at the end of lanes to know which ones are taking part. Feel free to bring any toys, scooters, sticks, crayons etc along and enjoy the morning!

Weans in the Lanes 2016

After a festive break, Weans in the Lanes is back this coming Sunday 7th February from 10am-12pm. Lanes taking part are:

Regent Park Square / Queen Square

Marywood Square / Vennard Gardens

Vennard Gardens / Thorncliffe Avenue

Look out for bunting at the end of the lanes to let you know they are open ready for play!

Weans in the Lanes – this Sunday AM

Weans in the Lanes is back for its pre-Christmas outing this Sunday 6th December from 10am-12pm. Three lanes are taking part this month, look out for bunting and signs to let you know which ones.

A break in the never-ending rain is forecast for Sunday, so come out and enjoy some winter air with friends and neighbours.


Weans in the Lanes

Weans in the Lanes is back for its second outing tomorrow morning (Sunday 1st Nov) from 10am-12noon.

Once again, the lanes will be closed to through traffic in order to allow kids to play freely. All are welcome, come and see the lanes full of life!


Weans in the Lanes Success!


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the first Weans in the Lanes yesterday morning. It was a real success, with a bouncy castle, scooters, archery and lots of games of hopscotch all making an appearance in the lanes. The next one will be on Sunday 1st November from 10am-12pm and then the first Sunday of every month after that.

Weans in the Lanes!

A group of Strathbungo residents would like to open up the back lanes once a month for a couple of hours as a space for local children to play outside.

Here, they can get to know neighbours and spend time with friends in a place that is known to all.

There are various factors to consider in setting up Weans in the Lanes, such as safety, volunteers, parking and the level of interest in such a venture.

To hear more about the idea and to register interest and/or discuss concerns please come along to a meeting downstairs at The Bungo on Wednesday 26th August at 7.30pm.