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Bygone Bungo

Ever wondered about the history of the area where you live, or who lived in your house before you?

Well now you can, at our sister website, Bygone Bungo.

We aim to collect together all those interested in local history, and compile a more complete record of the history and development of Strathbungo and the surrounding area.

As the site expands, we will add documents about various aspects of local history, original sources, and photographs.

We are also compiling a database of local properties, who built them, when, and who lived there subsequently. We already know of Greek Thomson and Rennie Mackintosh, but there were also other architects, military men & footballers (and one who was all three!), ministers, doctors, and a secret service agent. We would be particularly interested in those who still have the deeds for their properties, who know of notable former residents, or have any old photos of the area. The database is live – you can now see who lived in your house before you! Just select Address Search or People Search, and start exploring. There are currently some 5000 individuals listed, mostly from 1865 to 1925.

If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch. We are looking for those with suggestions for research, or wanting help with their own projects, those with stories to tell, with old deeds to local properties, or those willing to help transcribe old records.

To keep track of developments, you can also follow us on Facebook.


Plans unveiled for new skate park at M74 flyover at Port Eglington

Park Life, Southside style

Plans for a new urban skate park at the M74 flyover at Port Eglington have been unveiled for a  currently empty site adjacent to the main route from Strathbungo (and points south) to Glasgow city centre.  Drawing on inspiration from cities across the globe, including from Portland Oregon where skateboarders identified and built their own skate park, the projects promoters’ aim is to develop a new urban park for Glasgow to attract not only skateboarders, BMX bikers but wider local communities, including Strathbungo.

Plans for the £1m park have had funding support from Pollokshields Partnership (on which the Strathbungo Society sits), Transport Scotland, which owns the site, and Creative Scotland.

An exhibition of the plans will be at the Lighthouse from Saturday 19 July to 10 August 2014. For more information, see:

And so that was BITBL 2014…….sunburnt and sore feet!




BungoBirl photos added to the Flickr Group

 The BungoBirl was a success, with a huge crowd of people, a fantastic live band, great raffle prizes, fantastic food from Babu Bombay Street Kitchen and Bakery47 and a perfect venue and (importantly!) cheap booze from the Queen’s Park Bowling Club. Thanks most of all the the organizers, Paola, Allison and Allison. Brilliant idea and execution.

It had more kids in kilts than even a wedding, so naturally there was adorableness to spare. I’ve posted a set of pictures of the event on the Strathbungo group on Flickr, and anyone else who took pictures is invited to do the same. If you need instructions, just ask in the comments. The pictures can be viewed, motion blurs and all, here.

Shawlands Academy’s new outdoor digital design studio

Tonight sees the test launch of a new digital art projection facility that uses the  front facade of Shawlands Academy as its canvass. With funding from Glasgow City Council and Shawlands & Strathbungo Community Council and the involvement of Architecture + Design Scotland and the UK’s leading lighting designers Lighting Collective , the ‘Shawlands Gate’ project includes facilities that allow digital art works and designs to be projected onto the facade of the Academy.  Funded as part of the Shawlands Town Centre Action Plan, the aim is to brighten up this major gateway to Shawlands town centre, the “Heart of Glasgow’s (Cosmopolitan) South Side”.  The project has allowed the Academy’s young people to display their digital creativity and, in the future, may allow professional artists to use this unique “canvass” as part of Glasgow’s international arts festival, GI.  

Shawlands Gate has also led to new trees being planted to the front facade of the Academy (and getting rid teacher parking), given its young people the opportunity to to learn and design Public Art and get involved in the local community via their research into the history and businesses in Skirving Street.  And, as a result of the project young people at Shawlnads Academy are giving their views on new plans to upgrade Langside Halls.  Shawlands Gate is the first of many projects whose aim is to develop Shawlands as the Heart of Glasgow’s cosmopolitan South Side.


SHAWLANDS MELA, Saturday 17 March, 10am – 3pm

Now that Spring’s almost here, do you fancy something different, something that celebrates the South Side’s cultural diversity – well Shawlands Mela is just the place for you – and yours.  Organised by Shawlands Academy PTC, this first-ever Shawlands Mela has all the fun of the fair: from henna hand-painting to bouncy castles, from Asian (and other) food stalls to live entertainment and lots else besides including local coffee and bakehouse, Tapa.  So why don’t you come along to Shawlands Academy for a fun day “in”.Entrance is £1 per adult and 50p per child, open: 10 am to 3 pm.


Moray Place, 1976

This is a Strathbungo card from c. 1976 which was drawn by Robin Ward for his column in The Herald.  Robin attended Glasgow School of Art, but subsequently emigrated to Canada, where he was the architecture critic for the Vancouver Sun from 1988-1999, Many thanks to Robin for producing such a lovely image and getting in touch via the blog to correct some errors in this piece! He is now living in Edinburgh.

Moray Place 1976

Bungo in the Back Lanes 2009 Gallery

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Bungo slide show has a slideshow of Bungo in the Back Lanes. You’ll need broadband though.

Wee bird

Here’s the latest resident of Strathbungo nesting in a roof on Queen Square. Click on the photo to see the large image (840kb).

A picture of a bird

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