A Brush with Glasgow

Graham Sykes is currently collating material for a forthcoming book entitled “A Brush with Glasgow”. The book will paint a portrait of the city in words and artwork and five paintings have been prepared for a chapter dedicated to Strathbungo. Graham is a Bungo enthusiast and whilst he will be offering his own appreciation of the area he is looking for additional material from Strathbungo residents by way of interesting Strathbungo anecdotes, tales and personal contributions.

If you would like to contribute your own oral history of Strathbungo please do contact Graham by e mail on mgs63@live.co.uk. It is books like Graham’s from which Strathbungo’s history will be drawn and which help form a sense of community cohesiveness that gives Strathbungo such a distinct character so please do drop him a line if you have anything to say about the history of Strathbungo. What you may think of as prosaic and uninteresting may turn out to be a valuable piece of information that no one else knows.

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  1. Further to the piece on Strathbungo art, (January 2011) A Brush with Glasgow has now been published. The book has a chapter dedicated to Strathbungo, Glasgow’s own “Notting Hill”, and features art from Glasgow’s finest talents, including John Byrne, Alasdair Gray, Avril Paton and Peter Howson. Details available from Graham Sykes at mgs63@live.co.uk

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